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tell me, do you fear death?




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a dragon ear cuff
city hunter mask
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Anonymous asked: AHAHH AHHHAHAH HAHAHA YOU WILL NEVER GUESS HAHAH ahahha pls ignore me, Kai... ITS FINE OH MY GOD. good night.

I will not ignore you! 

Anonymous asked: 16, genderfluid , purple n black hair (undercut), fucking 5 foot 8 and a fucking half inches, hazel eyes?, loser + pathetic. i like space, makeup, cosplay, studio ghibli, sleeping, video games, music, and a ton more stuff. for a date we could go on a walk to a cool field or something and lay and talk and cuddle and watch the sunset and then look at the stars. OR WE COULD sit on a roof and watch the sunrise... and i mean WE ALREADY HAVE CHEMISTRY TOGETHER SO THIS SHOULD WORK OUT AHA HAHAHA AHAHAA

Kerry, you dork, you’re amazing. That actually sounds really great. 
CHEESY LINES. I’M YOURS. Chemistry will be super fun (I’ll see you tomorrow)! 
That really does seem like a fun night out, though. We should get together sometime!
((also, I definitely didn’t send you one of these….no. I totally did *evil laughter*))


Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you